About Us

Since 1987...

How We Started

I started my professional life as an apprentice in 1987; I continued by both training and working in the authorized service centers of many brands.
In Hakkari, where I went to do my military service in 1997; I completed my military service with great success by repairing and maintaining armored military vehicles.

Epçin Auto Service Since 1987

In order to further strengthen my experience in auto maintenance and repair, I founded Epçin Oto Servis, bearing my surname, in Antalya Industry in 1999.

Since its establishment; I continue to do all the repair and maintenance of Asian, European and American vehicles with the same dedication as the first day.
The spare parts and equipment I use, especially the original and compatible with the vehicle, is one of the issues that I pay the most attention to.

Our Experience, Care and Attention Have Always Made Our Customers Happy

With its devoted and meticulous service understanding, the satisfaction of our customers has never disappeared.

During the summer period, all vehicle maintenance of our customers coming from abroad with their vehicle is done at the most affordable price and in a way that provides maximum benefit. The fact that our customers call us and report their satisfaction even after returning to their country increases our motivation for work even more.